The Root Cause Coalition aims to make real, sustainable changes in communities across the nation. As a member, you’ll be working alongside national pioneers and passionate champions in the fight to better understand, improve and enrich the public’s well-being by addressing fundamental health needs.


  • Engage in the ongoing development of relevant, effective strategies to reduce food insecurity and lessen its harmful effects in the communities served and across the nation.
  • Have access to, and the ability to participate in, relevant research studies to identify gaps and best practices that can be implemented in member communities.
  • Participate and lead education sessions, webinars, and local and national conferences that add context to current research on the social determinants of health and provide proven strategies to improve community health outcomes.
  • Advocate for policy issues that correlate and encourage community benefit, prevention and health outcomes associated with hunger and other social determinants.
  • Have access to programs and tools that can easily and effectively be adapted to address specific community health and prevention needs in the acute-care setting, clinic/office and post-acute period, and with community partners.

Members also have the opportunity to participate in regular webinars, an annual education and best practices conference, advisory committees (i.e., congressional advocacy, clinical/research and education), and other regularly scheduled events by The Root Cause Coalition and our partners.

Rates of poverty are more than twice as high in the unhealthiest U.S. counties