CDC Research Partnership

Tackling Hunger to Improve Health in Older Americans is cutting-edge, actionable research on food insecurity and chronic disease, intended to drive public policy change and program innovation at the federal, state, community and institutional levels. The study is supported by AARP Foundation and ProMedica through the CDC Foundation and is being conducted by the Public Health Institute (PHI) in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Tackling Hunger will provide evidence-based research on current health issues and innovative solutions that will inform The Root Cause Coalition’s efforts. The findings of this study will underscore the need to collectively engage and assist in the development and deployment of new strategies.

The study focuses on adults aged 50 and older with chronic disease who experience food insecurity and has three components:

  • The health and economic burden study will demonstrate the cost of food insecurity and chronic disease on the healthcare system;
  • An exploratory evaluation will highlight promising practices that identify and address the needs of food-insecure patients with chronic disease; and
  • The development of tools for health system leadership that will address food insecurity, beginning with guidance on how to include food security in community health needs assessments mandated for charitable hospitals every three years and align them with other community and health department-driven assessments.

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Today more than 5.4 million U.S. seniors are food insecure than in 2001