The Coalition is built on three foundational pillars of Advocacy, Education and Research. Committees are established for each pillar and members are able to contribute expertise to advance each area. Key strategies include:


  • Provide our partners with timely insights and expertise on how to effectively advocate at the local, state and federal levels to address health inequities.
  • Identify priorities and adopt positions to engage elected officials on policies that address the root causes of poor health.


  • Provide and share relevant education on best practices.
  • Equip members with the tools necessary to work with community partners, rather than at them.
  • Provide expertise on how to effectively engage key stakeholders to increase awareness, development and implementation of evidence-based programs that address health inequities.


  • Identify and disseminate relevant data and new research around addressing health inequities.
  • Research currently deployed solutions to determine and scale what works.
  • Build community expertise on how to collect, record and share actionable data.

We invite you to join us in our efforts by learning more about membership or attending an upcoming event. You’ll find more information our three core focus areas and their respective committees in our 2019 Organizational Brochure.

Food insecurity accounts for about $77 billion in direct costs to the U.S. healthcare system each year