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Our rapidly expanding membership covers nearly every corner of the U.S. and includes some of the largest employers in many states and congressional districts.

Lend Your Voice

The Root Cause Coalition invites your organization’s knowledge, expertise and passion to effectively address the social determinants of health. We need your help to reconstruct a healthcare system that is just, fair and can promote a higher quality of life for all.


Become a Member


Members of The Root Cause Coalition work alongside national leaders in the effort to address the social determinants of health, and engage in the ongoing development of relevant, effective strategies to reduce health inequity. They can access and participate in research studies that identify best practices, as well as education sessions, webinars, and local and national conferences that add context to current research on the social determinants of health.

We also provide opportunities to advocate for policies that support community benefit and the prevention of poor health outcomes associated with the social determinants of health.

Membership Levels
Every organization in The Root Cause Coalition holds a seat on each TRCC committee: advocacy, education and research. Organizations may have as many representatives on committees as they would like, but each organization receives one vote.

At the partner level, organizations also hold a seat on TRCC’s advisory council that develops strategic planning, and council members have the opportunity to serve on the TRCC board.

All organizations receive admissions to the annual National Summit on the Social Determinants of Health.

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