The Root Cause Coalition Applauds Release of Report on Food Insecurity Coding in Healthcare

WASHINGTON, DC – The Root Cause Coalition applauds the release of a new report from the Hunger Vital Sign Community of Practice on food insecurity coding in healthcare.

The report, entitled, An Overview of Food Insecurity Coding in Health Care Settings: Existing and Emerging Opportunities, reviews existing and emerging opportunities to document food insecurity screening, assessment, intervention, and billing for each part of a patient visit using discrete codes and language from standardized electronic health record medical vocabularies.

“As the healthcare sector continues to partner with our community to address these issues, this report will be an important tool in our effort to identify and overcome the root causes of health inequities,” said Barbara Petee, Executive Director of The Root Cause Coalition. “We can’t solve the problem unless we can name the problem, and this study identifies new and exciting opportunities for documenting a major social determinant of poor health outcomes.”

The report promotes the development of healthcare terminology and codes to document food insecurity among patients. Improving the documentation of food insecurity will enable more effective screening and assessment, comprehensive healthcare for food-insecure patients, better population data for clinical resource planning, improved reimbursement for food insecurity assessment and intervention, improved research, and improved coordination among healthcare providers, health systems, payers, and community agencies.

The Root Cause Coalition and the AARP Foundation provided funding to make this report possible.

Read the full report.

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