The Root Cause Coalition and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation present Learning Cohorts 


The Root Cause Coalition is pleased to announce Learning Cohorts, a new initiative made possible with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, through which participants will learn and share best practices on addressing food and housing insecurity. We encourage health equity leaders to join these Cohorts, through which participants will develop a deeper understanding of how to design, implement and evaluate social determinant interventions.

This effort was created to capture the enthusiasm and lessons learned from the Root Cause Coalition’s annual National Summit on the Social Determinants of Health. The Learning Cohorts will meet virtually throughout the 10 months following the Summit and share knowledge among peers at different stages of their social determinant journey. Cohort leaders will assist in developing curriculum for selected topics, creating questions, leading discussion forums, and helping to facilitate conference calls, webinars and/or other online discussions.

“We are delighted to establish a network where leaders from across sectors may engage with one another to learn and develop solutions that address social determinants of health,” said Barbara Petee, Executive Director of The Root Cause Coalition. “We believe this is truly an opportunity in which leaders from across sectors can align shared goals of achieving health equity in our time.”

Learning Cohorts kick off with two meetings on Sunday, Oct. 20 at The Root Cause Coalition’s Fourth National Summit on the Social Determinants of Health in San Diego, which runs from Oct. 20-22nd. The introductory sessions will include a review of the Cohort “syllabus” and three case-study presentations to set the foundation for continued engagement and learning on food and housing insecurity.

The Learning Cohorts are open to leaders interested in learning how to better address social determinants of health through cross-sector collaboration in their communities. Additionally, we welcome graduate students in aligned studies to participate in the Learning Cohorts, as it is imperative to train the next generation of health equity leaders.

The Root Cause Coalition is currently seeking experts to help co-design the curriculum for the Learning Cohorts. If you would like to lead a Cohort, please apply by clicking here.

If you are interested in attending the Cohorts as a participant, please be sure to register for the National Summit by clicking here. Please feel free to share this opportunity with colleagues at your institution.

The Root Cause Coalition sincerely thanks the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for its support of these Cohorts, where a network of leaders dedicated to achieving health equity can collaborate on tactical solutions to bridge the inequity gap.

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