The Root Cause Coalition Welcomes Kumanu and Acenda Integrated Health, Strengthening the Coalition’s Cross-sector Approach to Addressing Social Determinants

We are pleased to welcome Kumanu and Acenda Integrated Health to The Root Cause Coalition. With our shared goal to achieve health equity for all — in every community – the addition of these organizations underscores our commitment to connecting organizations across sectors with a common purpose.

Kumanu is committed to creating bigger lives, stronger organizations and healthier communities by helping people find and live their purpose each day.  Organizations use Kumanu’s platform in their digital mental health, emotional wellbeing, and social determinants of health strategies; the organization’s PurposeCloud fuses neuroscience research with behavior design principles and machine learning to make it easier for individuals to be their best each day, increase resilience and achieve lasting emotional wellbeing.

Kumanu’s staff is composed of behavior designers, data scientists, technologists and psychologists. They are researchers, communicators, innovators, and client-partners and together they fuse advances in neuroscience, AI and machine learning, the latest behavior change and habit formation models, cutting-edge digital experience design and real-time sentiment analysis to create positive change in a way that is both scalable and enduring.

“The digital space is integral to addressing health equity, and we are thrilled to have Kumanu’s broad expertise part of The Root Cause Coalition.  As we move into a new year, leveraging these types of technologies will be critical to strengthening organizations’ abilities to tackle a range of social determinant issues,” said Barbara Petee, Executive Director of The Root Cause Coalition.

Acenda Integrated Health is a nonprofit organization dedicated to industry-leading prevention, treatment and wellness services compassionately delivered to ensure that every individual, family and community achieves their greatest potential. Acenda is at the forefront of community-based services, providing more than 100 health and social service programs across 60-plus locations throughout a 12-county region in New Jersey.

Acenda’s programs address both children and adults, from transitional living and counseling services to full day programs as well as psychiatric residences. For example, the organization’s

Bridge Program identifies, assesses and develops plans to address the needs of the Seriously and Persistently Mentally Ill population incarcerated for non-violent offenses. Through the Bridge program, this population is given the option of receiving mental health and non-mental health services when released into the community.

Barbara Petee noted that, “The mental health of individuals and families is crippling so many, and even more so now during a global pandemic.  Organizations such as Acenda provide much needed services, from young children to older adults, all dealing with a multitude of mental health issues that significantly affect our overall well-being.”

If you are member of TRCC and are interested in connecting with this organization, please reach out to Tom Dorney ([email protected]).