Turning Theory Into Action: Creating a Network to Fight Isolation

The Root Cause Coalition is inspired by the work our Partners and Members do to address health equity in their communities. Improving health requires collaboration and opportunities to network and connect in our communities. With research showing that isolation and loneliness are worse for health than obesity, AARP Foundation developed Connect2Affect: a collaborative effort to end isolation and build the social connections older adults need to thrive. Connect2Affect is helping older adults build social connections with a network of resources to help evaluate isolation risk, reach out to others who may be feeling lonely and disengaged, and find practical ways to reconnect to the community. This effort encourages volunteering, as seniors in particular see a substantial improvement in their quality of life when they volunteer. Visit the AARP Foundation website to learn more about the health benefits of volunteering and find out how to help older adults in your community. Thank you, AARP Foundation, for showing us how you turn theory into action.

To share how your organization is addressing social determinants of health through community volunteering, share your story with us by emailing [email protected] or using the hashtag #TheoryIntoAction.