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A look back – and forward – at our COVID-19 behaviors and attitudes

Fielded in January 2022, this survey highlights findings from TRCC’s latest public insights pulse survey. The goal of this month’s research was to identify individual behaviors over the past year while predicting what 2022 might have in store. The full report is attached here. General findings and demographic breakdowns are available as part of the findings. The sample size is a nationally representative 1,000 individuals.

Highlights include:

· The public predicts a shift back towards some more “normalcy,” such as seeing family indoors and attending doctors’ appointments.

· Older adults maintained higher levels of pre-pandemic behaviors compared to other age groups.

· Higher income earners are more satisfied with the healthfulness of their diet.

· Hispanics predict being significantly less likely than Blacks or whites to be satisfied with diet, see friends/family indoors and be satisfied with level of physical activity in 2022.

· As of early January 2022, nearly three-quarters report not having had COVID-19.

· When dealing with COVID-19, parents are significantly more likely than non-parents to report access to necessary medical care.

· Older adults and higher income earners are the most likely to report being vaccinated, including a booster.

· Almost half of Americans continue to say that flying on an airplane is unsafe.

· Males tend to have higher perceived levels of safety compared to females.

· More than one-quarter of Americans are living with a chronic disease that puts them at a higher risk for COVID-19.

· Those age 45 and older are more likely to have a chronic disease that puts them at higher risk for COVID-19.

· One in 5 Americans had a reduction in their income due to the pandemic.

· Younger adults are more likely to have job changes and salary fluctuations because of COVID-19.

· More than one-third continue to report trust in the CDC’s guidance; however, more than 1 in 5 say they do not trust the CDC at all.

· Higher income earners have generally higher levels of trust in COVID-19 guidance from a variety of government sources.


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