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Digital Device Usage and Availability Among Online Survey Respondents

Perhaps fueled by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, access to digital tools is widespread. Below are key points that emerged from TRCC’s digital usage survey conducted in September 2022.

  • Nearly seven in 10 say they spend more than 10 hours a week using the internet

  • Nine in 10 say that they typically access the internet at home while nearly one-out-of-five say they typically access the internet at a friend or family member’s home

  • Two-thirds of Americans typically use the internet on a cellular/mobile phone connected to the internet

  • Just 4% of respondents say they don’t have access to the internet at home

  • Four-out-of-five say that it is very easy to access the internet when they need it

  • One-in-five (n=25) who say they have difficulty accessing the internet said it was due to the high cost of internet at home, public internet access being too expensive, and that other family members are using the internet at home

  • More than four-out-of-five of respondents say internet access for themselves is very adequate

  • Over one-quarter say they often use the internet for online medical appointments; similar percent using to order medication

  • Among those who say they never have telehealth appointments, three quarters say that it is because they prefer to see a medical professional in person

  • Four-out-of-five say that they can usually find what they are looking for in the primary language they use at home when accessing the internet

To view the full report, findings, and demographics, please click here.


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