Status of Health Equity Report

The Root Cause Coalition is proud to release its 2020 Status of Health Equity Report this February. The report is an enterprising examination of the underlying socioeconomic factors that influence health and well-being, and how to address them through proactive intervention and collaboration. As national health care costs continue to spiral, the Coalition believes prioritizing social determinants creates the path to a cost-effective healthcare-delivery framework and is the key to a healthier society.

The 2020 Status of Health Equity Report captures the progress – as well as gaps – in addressing health disparities. Based on more than two dozen interviews with Coalition members across the country and a national online survey of primary care providers (including physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants), the report outlines three actionable strategies required to ensure all sectors prioritize health equity in their operations: Scale innovative solutions to drive a new and sustainable model of care that improves health outcomes as it ensures health equity; Align communities and advance authentic collaboration to address the root causes of health inequities and Ensure that those impacted by inequities are engaged and empowered to lead solutions.

By addressing socioeconomic factors such as affordable housing, access to affordable and nutritious food, transportation, isolation, and economic instability, the report demonstrates how health and well-being can be significantly improved, along with economic mobility.

“The good news identified in the report is that there is an increasing commitment by individuals, organizations and communities to work collectively — to do the hard work necessary that will help reverse and end systemic root causes of health inequities,” says Barbara J. Petee, Executive Director of the Coalition. “There are examples of this work happening on all levels: locally, statewide, regionally, and – in growing cases – nationally.  But, for all the awareness and effort, there is great work to be done in embracing and addressing the issues, so as to achieve appropriate and sustainable solutions.

The report concludes with a bold Call to Action for all to redefine how we improve our nation’s health care delivery model through addressing social determinants, engaging in community partnerships and striving for cultural competency. The solution to creating a healthier society does not rest on the shoulders of one sector, but requires each of us –  from business, social services, health care, government, education and more, to work collaboratively.

The Root Cause Coalition will hold a formal release and discussion of the report on February 26th from 8-10:30 a.m. at the National Press Club’s Holeman Lounge at 529 14th St., NW. Washington D.C., 20045. The Coalition’s board of trustees and Members will review the report’s findings and discuss next steps in creating a more equitable society.

For a glimpse at the report’s findings, view the 2020 Status of Health Equity Report Executive Summary.

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