2017 #TRCCWebSeries

March- Medically Tailored Meal Partnerships

For the 3rd installment of The Root Cause Coalition’s 2017 Webinar Series, David Waters, CEO of Community Servings, and Bill Pinakiewicz , VP of Nonprofitfiance fund discussed the role of medically tailored home-delivered meals in holistic, patient-centered models of care; partnerships with local health care payers, and the research projects Community Servings has developed to prove the impact of this model. #TRCCWebSeries

Date: Tuesday, March 21st
Time: 1pm- 2pm EST
Speaker: David Waters, CEO, Community Servings and Bill Pinakiewicz, Vice President, Nonprofit Finance Fund
Topic: Medically Tailored Meal Partnerships

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February- Senior Isolation and Loneliness

Social isolation and loneliness, especially among seniors, can have a significant impact on an individual’s health. By creating and cultivating social support networks, we can improve the health and quality of life for older adults. Join The Root Cause Coalition for the 2nd installment of our 2017 Webinar Series as we discuss the effects of isolation and loneliness on seniors, and the actions we can take to address these social determinants of health. #TRCCWebSeries

Speakers: E.A Casey, Program Manager, AARP Foundation Isolation Impact Area, Karen Keown, Director of Clinical Program, Healthcare Transformation, UnitedHealth Group Alliances, and Shirley Musich, Senior Research Director, Advanced Analytics Group, Optum

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January- Advocacy

With a new Administration and a new Congress, we expect to see big policy changes around healthcare and federal assistance programs. For our first webinar in the 2017 series, the Root Cause Coalition talked about what is ahead and how we can come together to make the most impact.

Speakers: Rachelle Wenger, Director of Public Policy and Community Advocacy, Dignity Health and Advocacy Committee Chair, The Root Cause Coalition and Jason Gromley, Vice President of Operations, The Root Cause Coalition

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