Our Mission

Reverse and end the systemic root causes of health inequities for individuals and communities through cross-sector partnerships.

Status of Health Equity Report

The Root Cause Coalition is proud to release its 2020 Status of Health Equity Report. The report is an enterprising examination of the underlying socioeconomic factors that influence health and well-being, and how to address them through proactive intervention and collaboration. As national health care costs continue to spiral, the Coalition believes prioritizing social determinants creates the path to a cost-effective healthcare-delivery framework and is the key to a healthier society.

To realize The Root Cause Coalition Mission and Vision to reverse and end the systemic root causes of health inequities for individuals and communities through cross-sector approaches, the following actions must be considered and implemented:

BY 2025

  1. In payment reform, include methods and processes to ensure payment to care providers and non-clinical community-based organizations for demonstrated value related to addressing health inequity as a result of the social determinants of health. As part of this, develop a reimbursement model from Medicare and Medicaid for services provided by providers and community-based organizations that demonstrate value related to reducing costs, enhancing health outcomes and improving efficiencies while addressing the social determinants of health and health inequities.
  2. Create a standardized integrated health benefit technology platform that connects patients, payors, providers and community organizations in order to consolidate fragmented programs and services into an integrated network.
  3. Increase by 50 percent the number of commercial health plans and health systems nationally that embed social determinants of health and health inequities goals into their strategic plans, programs and services.
  4. In all medical and clinical education programs nationwide, create a more robust system of educating and training providers about health equity and the role health care providers play in addressing these issues and how to effectively integrate that role into their current practice. In addition, ensure that cultural competency training is included in the curriculum.
  5. Define a national target for healthcare expenditures (i.e., 15% of the GDP).
  6. Develop a comprehensive plan to address our nation’s deficits in infant mortality, mental health services and substance use disorders.
  7. For health care organizations and corporations nationally, encourage the need to change ongoing education among board members, leaders and employees related to racial equity and cultural competency issues within the workplace.
  8. Establish clearer, standardized metrics for measuring health outcomes related to racial disparities and the social determinants of health.

What is health equity?

Health equity is health justice. Everyone deserves a fair and equal opportunity to live a long, healthy life. In America, the single most important factor in our overall health is our zip code. The decisive impact of the environments in which we live, work, learn and grow represents both an opportunity and a challenge for the health care community. The Root Cause Coalition believes that where we live should have no bearing on our eligibility to be healthy. We will achieve health equity only when we resolve the root causes of avoidable, chronic health conditions.

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Established in 2015, the Root Cause Coalition is a nonprofit, member-driven organization comprised of more than 75 leading health systems, hospital associations, foundations, businesses, national and community nonprofits, health insurers, academic institutions and policy centers. The Coalition works to achieve health equity through cross-sector collaboration in advocacy, education and research. In support of this mission, the Coalition seeks to uphold its four core values: Focusing on Community Change, Advancing Authentic Collaboration, Scaling Innovative Solutions, and Engaging and Learning from Communities.

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