Image by Harold Mendoza

Equity Legislation Monitor

The Coalition highlights the development and implementation of policies that address the social determinants of health, lower healthcare costs and improve health outcomes.  

  • The Coalition’s Equity Legislation Monitor, (ELM), is a tool developed by the Coalition's Board, Advocacy Committee and Staff to identify priority issues affecting health disparities, and relevant legislation that address them. 

  • The ELM’s list of health equity issues and legislative efforts will be continuously updated, making the ELM a go-to source for the most recent and pertinent updates related to equity and SDoH issues. 

  • TRCC will provide resources on selected health equity topics along with related materials shared by bill sponsors to provide a more complete picture of how policy impacts health disparities.  

  • The ELM focuses on seven priority areas: digital equity; diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice; environment and climate change; housing; maternal health; nutrition and food security; and payment models. These topics were chosen for their alignment with TRCC’s Mission and 8-point-call-to-action, as well as priorities of our member organizations.