Root of the Issue Podcast


An Intersectional Approach to Addressing Social Determinants


Denise Scott, President of Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), joins host Barbara Petee to provide a breakdown of the intersectional approach her organization takes towards tackling social determinants of health across a variety of communities. When asked how she keeps going when things seem so challenging, Denise simply said:

"I have seen the success of the intentionality around this work. We've made significant accomplishments because we work together, across industries, across sectors. I find that to be one of the most powerful tools that we have.


So for me, the North Star really is the rear view mirror telling me that we have some strategies that really work. That focus, that intentionality is what makes the difference.


Conversations with Health Equity Champions

The Root of the Issue shares the personal and professional journeys of nationally recognized health equity advocates and their work to end disparities in access to healthcare and basic needs in America. Our podcast provides inspiration to become involved in our collective quest for health equity and offers common sense solutions to the underlying injustices that prevent all Americans from living a life of health and well-being.