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Root of the Issue Podcast


The Root of the Issue is made possible through the generous support of the AARP Foundation 

Bridging the Gaps: Kim Reno on Equity, Nutrition, and Healthcare Access

in Cystic Fibrosis


In this episode of "Root of the Issue," our host Barbara Petee engages in a compelling conversation with Kim Reno, a senior manager in the Policy and Advocacy department of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. The discussion explores Kim's role at the Foundation, her healthcare roots in Toledo, Ohio, and the impact of healthcare access disparities on individuals with Cystic Fibrosis. They delve into the crucial issues of nutrition, food insecurity, and their effects on Cystic Fibrosis patients and their families. Together, they explore actionable steps to bridge the gap and work towards creating a more equitable healthcare system for all.


Conversations with Health Equity Champions

The Root of the Issue shares the personal and professional journeys of nationally recognized health equity advocates and their work to end disparities in access to healthcare and basic needs in America. Our podcast provides inspiration to become involved in our collective quest for health equity and offers common sense solutions to the underlying injustices that prevent all Americans from living a life of health and well-being.  

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