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Root of the Issue Podcast


The Root of the Issue is made possible through the generous support of the AARP Foundation 

Rachelle Reyes Wenger on the Multifaceted Approach to Tackling Health Inequity


On this special re-release of a conversation from last year, Rachelle Reyes Wenger, System Vice President of Public Policy & Advocacy Engagement for Common Spirit Health, joins host Barbara Petee to discuss the power of collaboration in the face of seemingly insurmountable societal obstacles.


From climate change to social justice reform to health inequity, Rachelle believes that through the determination of many working in lockstep, change is always possible.  “I think what the beauty is about collaborating with so many different folks within the RCC (Root Cause Coalition), is because we have the advantage of not only looking through our own individual lens, but through the lens of others within healthcare and our friends outside of healthcare. Those who are really committed to this work and who have various ways of looking at the problem, I think that's really what's needed and also what Congress needs to hear.


Conversations with Health Equity Champions

The Root of the Issue shares the personal and professional journeys of nationally recognized health equity advocates and their work to end disparities in access to healthcare and basic needs in America. Our podcast provides inspiration to become involved in our collective quest for health equity and offers common sense solutions to the underlying injustices that prevent all Americans from living a life of health and well-being.  

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