How To Webinar –February 6th, 12:30-1:30PM EST – How To Implement Universal Precautions Into Your Organization

Join The Root Cause Coalition and The Center for Trauma Resilient Communities for this presentation on how to implement research about trauma into an organization. Knowing about trauma is not enough. How do you use that information to change the way you work? The goal of this webinar is to begin the conversation of translating evidence-based trauma and resilience research into practice. The presenter will discuss skills that everyone in an organization can begin using immediately to support better results. In order to create true cultural transformation and become “trauma informed,” there first must be a mindset shift, then a cultural shift, and finally a system shift. This webinar will help you with the first step.

The Center for Trauma Resilient Communities’ approach is to help organizations and communities embed and embody the science of trauma resilience. They do this by using the current science of trauma resilience and organizational development to move people from information to action. They work with leaders to build a trauma responsive and trauma resilient culture which helps to decease burnout and turnover, increase compassion and accountability, and improve overall organizational health and effectiveness. The Center for Trauma Resilient Communities has learned that systems and organizations must first address the internal trauma culture, before moving externally.

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